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For PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of the Future Rise of Babylon of Chaldea (Iraq)... see here   

            (Includes Updated research & evidence that Babylon can actually be REVIVED OVERNIGHT)

The Rise Of End Time Babylon (Iraq)

The Original Evil City

Jerusalem and Babylon are mentioned more than any other cities in the Bible. Jerusalem, the “City of God,”(Psalm 87:3) and Babylon, the “dwelling place of demons” (Rev. 18:2) In the one God has established His holy presence on the eternal throne of His Messiah, Jesus Christ. In the other, Satan has set up his dark agenda for the earth, and will raise up a throne for his Antichrist in the Last Days.

        Babylon—or “Babel” — is where Satan regrouped after God sent the worldwide judgment of the Flood.  Studies in archaeology, anthropology, genetics, history, and linguistics (the study of language) all point to the real existence of ancient Babel and its tower of evil. After the Flood, when the family of righteous Noah—eight survivors protected by God from that judgment which destroyed the rest of the human race—multiplied into a sizable population in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), Noah’s descendants degenerated into idol worshipers who built a tower to the false gods of the heavens. God judged this sinful activity, separating the people into different language groups. Since they could no longer speak to one another, they could no longer work with one another.         The Tower of Babel project came to an end, and the various groups of people split 70 different ways,  through their migrations spreading not only the seeds of all of the nations of the world, but all of the false religions of the world.

Amazingly, they also seeded the planet with the roots of the world’s languages .

        We mentioned linguistic research. These studies show that there is an original language from which all of the other languages are derived— a “Mother Tongue.”  Babel was real. And so is its daughter city, Babylon—and it has a future in the coming days! More...



Look where modern science places the roots of the world’s largest language family, Indo-European— within the geographic vicinity of Babylon!



Look how this computer graph of the language families of the world generate out from a single point at their source. 

When you count the family groupings, there are 74.

Genesis implies about 70 language groups.


The End Time “Great City”

The Identity Of The Babylon Of Revelation


        The book of Revelation quotes Jeremiah 50 & 51 over and over. Why? Because Jeremiah’s predictions of End Time Babylon foreshadow those of Revelation. Jeremiah prophesied of the fate of both ancient and end-time Babylon. And like most short-term and long-term prophecies, they are intermixed in the same passages.

        For example, the prophecies of the coming of Christ often included both His first and second comings in the same context. And like those Messianic prophecies, a careful reading allows us to distinguish Jeremiah’s latter day predictions of Babylon from the earlier ones.

        It is in Jeremiah’s prophecies that we find the clear statements that the Babylon of the Last Days will be located in “Chaldea,” and inhabited by “Chaldeans.” For example, read Jeremiah 50:1, 35; 51:35, 54-55. Notice that 50:4-5, 20,  places many of these predictions at the time of the final restoration of the Jews, an event which will not happen until the End Time.

        Indeed, Babylon will rise from the oil-rich sands on its original site— and SOON!


        Revelation 17 tells of the reconvening of all of the world’s false religions to their original satanic roots— the site of the Tower of Babel. That is why Babylon is called the Mother of Harlots in that chapter.

        No single religion of our day is the “Mother.” They are all ‘harlot-daughter’ religions. They will all unite into a single religious cooperative— to their original “Mother” in rebuilt Babylon in the Last Days.

Is Rome Babylon?

Is America Babylon?

Or is Babylon Babylon?


        Jeremiah mixes prophecies of ancient Babylon with prophecies of End Time Babylon.

        In both, he gives the geo-political identification of Babylon as “Chaldea” in the “land of the Chaldeans.”

        Chaldea is an unmistakable designation of the land and people of original Babylon—in current day Iraq. The popular “interpretation” that Babylon must be Rome, America, London, etc.,  is not a Biblical interpretation, but rather an imposition of current headlines upon the clear and literal language of the prophecies.


        Note this graph of where world oil reserves are located. The towering spike of oil is in the sands of the Middle East —in the region of Babylon and the Persian Gulf!


RIGHT: The Beginning Of Small Things

        “Do not despise the Beginning of Small Things”

        Zechariah 4:10

        For centuries skeptics declared that the Bible prophecies of the return of the Jews to their original homeland to become a great nation could not happen. After all, they were irretrievably scattered into every continent.

        This denial continued even in the churches right up to World War II. The headlines showed no sign of reflecting the Biblical prophecies.

        But then God made “small beginnings” become immense, and the State of Israel was born in 1948— literally overnight. Today Israel is a powerful country.

        According to Bible prophecy, the same will happen with Babylon. A modern example of how this can happen is the ultra-modern and ultra-wealthy metropolis of Dubai, located on the shores of the Arab peninsula.

        Over a period of 40 years its population has nearly doubled every 10 years.  Revelation 18 describes Babylon as also an ultra-modern and ultra-wealthy metropolis. Terms such as “make their living by the sea”, “sailor”, “shipmaster”, “ships at sea”, and “great city” of “great wealth” dominate that passage.    

        A more apt description of a Mid East Babylon sitting on a huge pool of oil shipped through the Persian Gulf to all points of the compass can hardly be imagined. Babylon-Iraq is in a perfect position to answer to the Biblical demands for its fulfillment as the great city of Revelation 18.


Zechariah 5—The Center of the World’s Economy will Move to the East

        Zechariah 5:5-11 tells of a lead-covered ephah (a symbol of commerce & economics) with a wicked woman inside (a reminder of the great harlot of Babylon in Rev.17 representing a global false religion) being transported by two angels.

        Where are they taking the ephah? To the land of Shinar— Biblical Babylon in current day Iraq.

        The passage depicts a move of the world axis of economic wealth to the East in the Last Days, a perfect picture of a planet dependent on Middle East oil.


Four Prophecies Demand That The Babylon Of Chaldea, Iraq Rise Again

Pay close attention to the 4 prophecies LISTED BELOW. 

The final fall of Babylon must fulfill these 4 prophecies... SO...

1. If these 4 prophecies were fulfilled with the fall of ancient Babylon, then Babylon will not rise   

again— Babylon is finished.

2. But if these 4 prophecies were not fulfilled in the fall of ancient Babylon, then Babylon muse rise

again to fulfill these prophecies.

3. Here, BELOW, is the evidence that Babylon will rise again to fulfill these prophecies,

and that the Babylon of Revelation 18 is that literal city, Babylon the Great, rebuilt.


1. Sudden & Violent Fall... RIGHT...

        Jeremiah prophesied that Babylon would fall suddenly and totally, "As when God overthrew Sodom And Gomorrah with its neighbors..." (Jer. 50:40)

        Another place he says that judgment will “utterly destroy her; let nothing be left of her.” (Jer. 50:26; 51:8-11)

        But according to the Book of Daniel, this did not happen to ancient Babylon. In Daniel 5 the city was taken during a drunken feast hosted by king Belshazzar, who seems to have been the only casualty. And Daniel, the godly Jewish prophet, did not obey the Lord’s command to ’’Come forth from her midst, My people” at the final destruction of the city. Why?

        Because the night Belshazzar’s Babylon fell was not the final destruction of the city, and Daniel the prophet knew it. And so does history.

        There is a record inscribed by the Persian king Cyrus whose deputy Darius the Mede was the first to enter Babylon after the conquest in 539 by the Persians.         Cyrus entered the city shortly thereafter as the conquering king. His record of the fall of Babylon is inscribed on the Cyrus Cylinder, which has been recovered by archaeology. Now, remember the prophecy; Babylon’s final fall will be sudden, violent, and permanent.

        But that is not what happened to ancient Babylon, so it remains to happen with future Babylon.


"I entered Babylon in a peaceful manner."

"I took up my lordly abode in the royal palace amidst rejoicing and happiness... My vast army marched into Babylon in peace; I did not permit anyone to frighten the people … I sought the welfare of the city … "The Cyrus Cylinder,"

                                                Edwin M. Yamauchi. Persia and the Bible. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Baker Book House. 1990, 1996, p. 87.

More on the ’Peaceful’ Fall of Ancient Babylon from the Greek historian Herodotus 

"…the Persians came upon them [Babylon] by surprise and so took the city. Owing to the vast size of the place, the inhabitants of the central parts (as the residents at Babylon declare) long after the outer portions of the town were taken, knew nothing of what had [happened], but as they were engaged in a festival, continued dancing and reveling until they [learned of the capture with certainty].

Such, then, were the circumstances of the first taking of Babylon.”

                                                                                Herodotus in The History of the Persian Wars 430 BCE.  (I.191)

2. No Inhabitants Forever !

        For the purposes of the LORD against Babylon stand, To make the land of Babylon A desolation without inhabitants. (Jer. 51:29)

The second prophecy says that at Babylon’s final fall, there will never again be people living on its site.


No Inhabitants Forever? That has never been the case at Babylon.

        A historical tracer points to continual habitation of some extent throughout history. Therefore Babylon must rise again to fulfill this prophecy of No Inhabitants Forever! Here is some of the evidence.

        539 BC-636 AD—[Alexander the Great] wanted Babylon to become the capital of his new empire...There was a Greek-Macedonian presence in Babylon...a...well preserved theatre in the area...as well as a gymnasium and an agora......[Later] Babylon became a provincial town with a dwindling population...The process of shrinkage accelerated under the Sassanian occupation (A.D. 226-636), until only small parts of the former settlement were occupied and the temples became abandoned.“ [NOTE: there were inhabitants in Babylon from the time of its fall in 539 BC until Alexander the Great took it from the Persians in 331 BC, and from that point until 636 AD] (pp. 271-274. "Babylon."

     G. Leick. Mesopotamia: The Invention of the City. London. Penguin Books. 2001, 2002)

        40 AD— Jewish historian Josephus writes: “Jewish high priest Hyrcanus was taken captive by the king of Parthia, who later ‘set him free from his bonds, and gave him a habitation at Babylon, where there were Jews in great numbers.’” [This happened in 40 AD]                                             Josephus, Antiquities Of The Jews, 15.2.2.

        500-1300 AD—The Jewish production and preservation of the Talmud in Babylon was active from the 6th century AD until the Middle Ages [8 centuries].

        1912 AD— Arabs were determined to have inhabited Babylon for centuries.

                             (see “Arab Tents," #3 BELOW)

        1979 to Now— The Iraqi Antiquities Department began a major excavation and restoration project in Babylon, “Babylon Revival”, [with workers living on site] Project:                     Improvement of the Babylon Site: Babylon; Director: Roberto Parapetti

3 No Arab Tents

It will never be inhabited or lived in from generation to generation;

Nor will the Arab pitch his tent there... ((Isa. 13:20)

This third, very specific, prophecy says that not only will Babylon’s final fall wipe out all future habitation of the place, but NO ARABS will live there ever again.


        Arab villages which occupied the Babylon ruins for centuries were discovered in 1829 and again in 1912.

        Babylon must be rebuilt to fulfill the prophecy of no Arab dwellers on its site  ever again.

        Robert Koldewey, German archaeologist, reported 4 Arabs villages living at Babylon— Kweiresh, Djumdjumma, Sindjar and Ananeh.     

            Robert Koldewey, The Excavations At Babylon, trans. Agnes S.             Johns (London: Macmillan, 1914) p. 11-12

4 No Recycling Of Babylon’s Bricks

        And they will not take from you even a stone for a corner Nor a stone for foundations, But you will be desolate forever," declares the LORD.

        (Jer. 51:26)

When Babylon has its final fall, never again will its bricks and stones be used for other building projects.


With this 4th prophecy, and the fact that it has not yet been fulfilled, we conclude that literal Babylon of Chaldea, in Iraq, must rise again to fulfill its destiny according to Rev. 17-18.

The four villages Koldewey found within the ruins of Babylon were made of Babylon's baked bricks. He found the natives busily burrowing into the ancient city for more kiln-baked bricks.

                C.W. Ceram. Gods, Graves and Scholars, The Story of Archaeology. New York.                 Alfred A. Knopf. 1951, 1961

 “The astonishing deep pits and galleries that occur in places owe their origin to the quarrying for brick that has been carried on extensively during the last decades. The buildings of ancient Babylon, with their excellent kiln bricks, served even in antiquity ...as a quarry for common use.

                Robert Koldewey, The Excavations At Babylon, trans. Agnes S. Johns (London:                 Macmillan, 1914) p. 168.


Dear Friend

of Bible Prophecy,


Today’s events actually remind us of the abundant Grace of God, something we have been teaching on at our bi-weekly Bible Prophecy Study Retreats (if in the Tulsa area, please join us).

        God’s grace is seen in the headlines you are reading every day about middle eastern events, immorality in this country by the gross, and many other signs. Look at the picture DIRECTLY BELOW, one of many we present in color and animated form to help us understand prophecy at our Retreats. It shows that the events of world history—and in particular the prophetically significant events of today— are under the control of Jesus.

        That tells us that today’s headlines are neither chance nor chaotic, but rather are being worked by Jesus for our good. After all, those headline-grabbing events are leading to the eternal Kingdom of God here on earth.

        Personally, these events remind me that the same God who took my son Seth at the youthful age of 24 to be with Him in heaven, is actively engaged with our lives. God, who makes the headlines march according to His pre-ordained path, also guarantees our path. And for those “in Christ,” He has pre-ordained our personal destiny. So, according to His Word, for Seth, who wrote these words to his brother Andrew 4 years ago— “Seek this: To dwell in the Lord’s house all the days of your life...For without Jesus you are nothing”—yes, for Seth, our great God “Surely followed him with goodness and lovingkindness all the days of his life, And now Seth dwells in the house of the LORD forever.” (Psa. 23:6)

        Let today’s events remind you that God is alive and well and moving His hand in our world, and that His Grace is with you personally! 

...the summing up of all things in Christ... who works all things after the counsel of His will... Eph.1:10-11


“...and lovingkindness all the days of my life” (Psa. 23:6)

Paul was in his own words “the foremost of sinners.” He was a blasphemer, persecutor, violent aggressor, foolish, disobedient, deceived, enslaved to mental and fleshly lustful indulgences and ‘pleasures’, full of malice and envy, hateful, etc. (1 Tim. 1:13-15; Eph. 2:3; Tit. 3:3) But through Christ God forgave him, and changed him. He has done the same for me, also the foremost of sinners. After all, Jesus didn’t come to save the righteous, but sinners. (Mat.9:13; 1 Tim. 1:15)

As a result of what God has done for me, I have full confidence that by His Grace at the Cross, He “did not remember the sins of Seth’s youth [24 years old] or his transgressions,” but rather fulfilled His promise that         “According to Thy lovingkindness remember Thou me”          and that “afterward He received Seth to glory.”

           (Psa. 25:7; 73:24)   

In Christ, Yours Truly


Babylon at the End Time

        As this page shows, Bible prophecy is clear about the existence of Babylon as a great city at the End Time. The prophecies of Jeremiah even point to the “cities” of Babylon (Jer. 50:32), indicating that the entire country of Iraq, the home of Babylon, is included in those prophecies. But it is Daniel who prophesied that the final destruction of Babylon will not occur until the Second Coming of Christ.

        In Daniel 2 the prophet sees a giant statue depicting the great empires that will arise. At the time of the 4th kingdom Christ returns to set up the 5th Kingdom, which is the eternal one.

        But notice that in both Daniel 2:35 & 44, the other kingdoms continue to exist throughout history because they are destroyed “all at the same time”  (v. 35) at the Return of Jesus, when He will “put an end to all of these kingdoms” (v. 44)—and not before.

        Thus Babylon, Iraq—as well as the others... Persia (Iran), Greece, Turkey, Syria and Egypt, as well as of course the 4th kingdom (Revived Euro-Mid East Rome)—will all continue to play a major role in end time prophecy. And indeed, they are!

The Coming Of Jesus is NEAR... but His Grace is HERE...NOW...FOR YOU !



My "lying eyes" & Babylon
We often hear from certain political circles (in 2022) that the economy is great, crime is under control, and the border is closed. When we say "Whaaaaaaaaat"!, that is not what my eyes see", we're told "not to believe our lying eyes".

It reminds me of the feeling I get when a Bible Study on Isaiah 13:19-20 concludes that "Original Babylon on the Euphrates River in Iraq has disappeared like Sodom and Gomorrah". That is "not what my eyes see" in light of the actual data.

I see 150-years of photographs and demographics, and I read current and historical accounts of Babylon. They clearly contradict the scene in Isaiah 13:19-20, where we read,

            And Babylon, the beauty of kingdoms, the glory of the Chaldeans' pride, Will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It will never be             inhabited or lived in from generation to generation; Nor will the Arab pitch his tent there, Nor will shepherds make their flocks lie down there.             (Isaiah 13:19-20

When I lead a prophecy study on Isaiah 13:19-20, I cannot teach what my eyes do not see. Therefore, I cannot teach...

1. that Babylon was overthrown and erased from existence like Sodom and Gomorrah,
and HERE...

2. that Babylon is without inhabitants today, remaining in that situation "from generation to generation" for centuries,
and HERE...

3. that Babylon has no Arab dwellers today, and has been devoid of them "from generation to generation",
and HERE...

4. that Babylon is without shepherds today, and has had none grazing their flocks "from generation to generation".
and HERE...

My eyes simply don't see that, either today, or throughout history "from generation to generation", as prophesied in the passage.

What my eyes do see--literally-- in both photographs and historical accounts, is human habitation and vibrant life far removed from Isaiah's description of post-'Final-Fall' Babylon.

Therefore, I must go with my eyes and conclude that, according to Isaiah 13:19-20, literal Babylon is prophetically programed to be Revived.