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Schedule & Information

Each year there is our annual Mid-America Prophecy Conference. In between this big Conference are Prophecy Retreats, generally held twice a month. These are open, free meetings (we do provide the opportunity for free-will offering.)

EXAMPLE: We have studied The Book Of REVELATION...chapter by chapter...  the same with Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, etc... also " Prophecy In The Words Of Jesus"... and thematic studies such as "The Signs Of The End Times", "Current Events In Prophecy", "The Russian-Islamic Invasion Of Israel" (Eze 38-39), "The Millennial Kingdom", "Heaven", "Angels", "How We Got Our Bible", and many more--We will revisit all of these, and more... JOIN WITH US--NO COST.


the Prophecy Retreats in Tulsa on Thursday

Doors open at 6pm--coffee and snacks. Study starts at 6:30pm.

Eastwood Baptist Church, ROOM 102

949 S. 91st E. Ave.

(11th St. between Memorial & Mingo)

Tulsa, OK

NEXT PROPHECY RETREAT, January 27, 2022...

The Thessalonian Prophecies

(a thorough & faithful journey through 1 & 2 Thessalonians, with application to TODAY'S world.)



These studies are non-speculative, short on "sensationalism," long on solid-BIBLE... bring your Bible and expect warm fellowship (snacks, coffee-tea) and plain-stated study made easy to understand by Graphic Power Point visuals.