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PROPHECY RETREATS (Mini-Conferences)

Schedule & Information

Each year there is our annual Mid-America Prophecy Conference. In between this big Conference are our "Mini"-Conferences, better known as Prophecy Retreats, generally held twice a month. These are open, free meetings (we do provide the opportunity for free-will offering.)

EXAMPLE: We have studied The Book Of REVELATION...chapter by chapter...  the same with Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, etc... also the Prophecy In The Words Of Jesus... and thematic studies such as The Signs Of The End Times, Current Events In Prophecy, The Russian-Islamic Invasion Of Israel (Eze 38-39), The Millennial Kingdom, Heaven, Angels, How We Got Our Bible, and many more--We will revisit all of these, and more... JOIN WITH US--NO COST.

Stay tuned as events permit for more on the 2020 Schedule...

Bible Prophecy & the Issues of our Day, Thursday evenings, to be rescheduled as Coronavirus alerts warrant.
When that happens, we will be open at  6 pm for snacks and fellowship, and our study will again be at 6:30 pm.

Eastwood Baptist Church, 949 S. 91st E. Ave., (11th St. between Memorial & Mingo), Tulsa, OK

MEANWHILE: We will be sending out our YOUTUBE studies EVERY WEEK. If you have not signed up, submit your email address on the SUBSCRIBE (free) at top of the HOME page. 

    These studies are non-speculative, short on "sensationalism," long on solid-BIBLE... bring your Bible and expect warm fellowship (snacks, coffee-tea) and plain-stated study made easy to understand by Graphic Power Point visuals.
SEE YOU THERE WHEN WE RESTART (on God's time-schedule...!