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(The 14 signs below are reproduced from our The Apocalypse Calendar Timetrac 2000 brochure published in 1999 by The Spiritual Armour Project Ministry (1990-2000) )


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But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you like a thief; (1 Thessalonians 5:4)


The elimination of borders and the merging of nations is an issue of our time—spotlighted by the desperate counter-movements to this emerging globalism—”Brexit”, border security walls, etc. Other issues of our day include world alliances foretold in Bible prophecy. Spheres of hegemony (China, North Korea and the Biblical “kings of east”; Russia’s and the prophetic “land of Magog”), and the dominant issue of Syria-Iraq and Iran (king of North and Persia), have long been on the pages of the Biblical prophecies. The European Union with it’s rising Revived Roman Empire (west leg) looms large in our prophetic world.

But then…...

suddenly, quickly, and dramatically the world will be snatched from the hand of Satan and the ashes of destruction by the coming of our Eternal King, Jesus Christ.

Below is the Biblical account of the end-time world. This is reproduced from our

The Apocalypse Calendar Timetrac 2000 brochure

published in 1999 by The Spiritual Armour Project Ministry (1990-2000). Since these Biblical Signs Of The End Time were squarely pinned to Scripture then, and since the Scripture doesn’t change with the changing times, the words below have not been changed since their earliest publication 28 years ago. The Signs are still there & growing!


The Biblical Signs of the End Time...MAGNIFIED

(the original publication, 28 years ago)

Since the first publication of these signs based on the Biblical prophecies, they have not changed, because the Bible doesn’t change. They have only magnified, multiplied, and converged upon our generation. Today’s “breaking news” is jumping to the tune of the prophecies, not the other way around. Therefore, this article has been updated only to the extent of referencing recent events.
All 18 "Signs" have been correlated to Jesus' list of signs given in Matthew 24 (and parallel accounts in Mark 13 and Luke 21).

1. The Rise Of New Rome—is the most time-specific of all the signs. Of the rise of the New Roman Empire, Daniel 2:44 says "and in the days of those (10) kings, the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed..." Christ, then, will return during the generation that sees 10 dominant nations reunite Europe and the Mid East into a revived Roman Empire. Europe has already merged as The European Union. Eventually, 10 key nations spanning Europe and the Mid East will introduce the Antichrist to the world. This would anticipate a reversal of Britain’s “BREXIT.”        
            Matthew 24 correlation: By implication both a global leader and a one-world society are seen in Mat 24:26, 38; "spoken of through Daniel the                                                             prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "ten kings will arise", Dan 7: 24-25; 11:36-39.

2. World Focus On The Lands Of The Bible—the attention of the world at the end time will be consistently on the Mid East; virtually all of prophecy highlights this fact. True today more than ever!   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, Dan 11:41-45.

3. Israel, The Center Of The End Time Map—the spotlight in the Mid East will be on Israel. Unbelieving Jews will inhabit the reborn state of Israel (now fulfilled) and assume center stage during the last hour of world history. (Ez 37) All of the other prophetic signs revolve around the existence of Israel. (Ze 12-14; Re 11-12) Today, Israel is the world’s hottest spot.   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "the holy                                                             people [Israel]...your people and your holy city", Dan 8:24; 9:24, 27.

4. Jerusalem, The Center Of Reborn Israel—will become its political center (fulfilled in 1967), and the burden of the world. (Ze 12:3; 14-2) Recently America moved its Embassy to Jerusalem.   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "your holy                                                             city", Dan 9:24, 27.

5. The Temple, The Center Of End Time Jerusalem—plans for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple are now commonly reported in the media. The rebuilt Temple figures prominently in the final events of this age. (Da 9.27; Ma 24.15; Re 11) Today the call to rebuild the Temple is growing.   

            Matthew 24 correlation: The "holy place", assumes the "holy of holies" in a rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem on the original "temple mount", Mat                                                             24:15.

6. The Great Euphrates River, The Center Of End-Time Evil—the Bible depicts an increase in demonic activity in the latter days Since much of it radiates from the region of the Euphrates river in modern Iraq (where we also find rebuilt Babylon) there must be a particular concentration of satanic activity centered in that part of the end time world. We would therefore expect to see a rise of anti-Semitic militancy and a sinister evil there...and we do. (Re 9.14-15)   

            Matthew 24 correlation: Tremendous demonic activity, Mat 24:24.

7. Assyria, The Restoration Of The Evil Kingdom—predicted to ascend from among history's long-extinct kingdoms, Assyria (Syria/ Iraq) will become the seat of the Antichrist [the “king of the north” in Daniel 11:40]. ISIS refocused the world’s attention on Syria/Iraq. Now, Iran is doing the same!   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "the king of                                                             the North", Dan 11:40.

8. Babylon, The Return Of The Mother Of Evil—the religions of the world will return to their ancient historical roots—united as a one-world antichrist religion in the rebuilt city of Babylon. The rebuilding of Babylon in Iraq is destined to make good on a host of unfulfilled prophecies. (Re 17-18)   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "the head of                                                             that statue...gold [Babylon]...put an end to all these kingdoms [End Time]", Dan 2:32, 44.

9. The Russian Federation And The Alignment Of Latter-Day Nations—a lineup of anti-Israel nations, many of them joining an end time coalition led by Russia, includes Iran, Turkey, Libya, Ethiopia-Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria-Iraq (Assyria), Egypt, Jordan, and Greece. Many have become sovereign only in the past 80 years. (Ez 38-39) Today most of them share a common hatred for Israel.   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "a king                                                             (Antichrist) will arise" in the vacuum created by the destruction of the Russian-led coalition above, Dan 8:23-25.

10. Massive Armaments And Destructive Power—it is also only in the past 70 years that the world has seen the nuclear arsenals capable of producing the massive destruction portrayed in the great man-made 'sword" of the Second and Fourth Seals of the book of Revelation. (Re 6.3-4, 8)   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "nation against nation", Mat 24:7.

11. Famine And Environmental Deterioration—famine is given in the Bible as an explicit sign of the end time. The implication is one of great environmental catastrophe. In the last 50 years the wasted environment has become, for the first time in history, a front-burner issue across the entire planet. (Lk 21.11) The latest version is “Global Warming” WHICH WON'T HAPPEN (Gen 8:22). Reality awaits the Trumpet Judgments.   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "famines and earthquakes", Mat 24:7.

12. The Plagues Of "Safe Sin"—one of the great blind spots of this sick world is its inability to connect the AIDS plague to the gay parade. The time of the end is likened in prophecy to the days of Sodom, which also hosted gay-rights parades. This particular sin is only one example of "lawlessness" coupled with a rash of pestilence and plagues at the End Time. (Lk 17.28-30)   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "plagues", Luke 21:11.

13. Major Mid East Peace Initiatives—the fact that Israel will be in a state of false peace and security at the beginning of the End Time presupposes a Mid East peace movement. (Da 9.27) It’s Here!   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "spoken of through Daniel the prophet" (Mat 24:15) captures a mass of prophecies, including this one above, "and                                                             [Antichrist] will make a firm covenant with the [Jews], Dan 9:27.

14. Instant Global Communication—a remarkable passage in Revelation 11:9,10 reveals an inescapable fact—the End Time is set in an era of instantaneous communication and hi-tech. It’s Here!   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "when you see all these things recognize that He is near", Mat 24:33, presupposes an awareness, in a virtually-instant

                                                            time-window, of global events.

15. Lawlessness Will Increase—Turn on the TV, peer into the Internet, read the Headlines... it's Here!   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "Lawlessness will increase", Mat 24:12.

16. Apostasy Will Ripen— That is, the number of kpeople who profess Christianity, but who have no real saving faith, will increase dramatically. Today, born-again believers are fast becoming a minority in Christian churches. (Rev 3:14-15)   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "many...will mislead many... many will fall away", Mat 24:5, 10-11, 24.

17. The New Age Spirit Of The Antichrist—Gnosticism (internal mystical source of "truth", rather than the Word of God) is called the "spririt of the antichrist" in 1 John 4:3, "which you have heard that it is coming...". The gospel of the New Age (movement) qualifies on all counts as the great later-day lying wonder which dazzles and deceives the whole world. This is the spirit of the Antichrist which will unite all mankind (Rev 17, "Babylon, Mother of Harlots") at the end of history.   

            Matthew 24 correlation: False 'Christs', Mat 24:5, and both v. 15, "abomination...standing", and v. 26 imply the Antichrist.

18. Knowledge Of Prophecy Will Increase— Daniel 12:4 contains this amazing prediction for the end time... This is a preview of an unlocking and subsequent explosion of prophecy knowledge as the time of its fulfillment approaches. This is exactly what has occurred for the past 150 years, and especially paralleling the sign #3 above—the Rebirth of Israel in 1948!   

            Matthew 24 correlation: "let the reader understand...told in advance...when you see all these things recognize that He is near", Mat 24:15, 24, 33.

NOTE—There are three parallel paths of human response to end-time prophecy projected for the final days:
                    1. On the one extreme are the skeptics who mockingly chide, "Where is the promise of His coming?" (2 Pet 3:4)
                    2. On the other extreme are the alarmists who carelessly cry, "His coming is at hand!" (Luke 21:8)
                    3. But in the center are (and in the Word of God) are those "with insight" (Dan 12:3-4) who see an unsealing of prophetic meaning as the signs of                         the days of the Son of Man approach, and who sanely and soberly declare as much. We pray this website falls into this latter category.

Many other signs of the End Time could be listed. Jesus said,   

                        "When you see all these things [signs]...this generation shall not pass away..." (Ma 24.32+) That is, when all of the End-Time signs begin to                           converge in a single moment of history, then the Return of Christ is near. This is the Good News that Jesus is “even at the door.” (Ma 24.33)

Many other signs of the End Time could be listed. Jesus said

Our generation is the first to see the emerging signs of Armageddon...the hour is near, the time is short...turn to Jesus. Here's how(see at top of this page)

LEFT: Bible Prophecy indicates, that as we travel through Time on the “Highway of World Events”, Signs of the End Time will appear.

At first, they are small and separated by some time. But then they begin to accelerate, converge— crowd or stack up— into a tight window of history. They become more frequent and intense and global in scope, until they reach the apocalyptic proportions foretold by the prophets. It is when the Signs occur quickly that Jesus Himself “Comes Quickly”! Revelation 22:20

He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming quickly." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Contrived Signs of the End

Many publications today erect sophisticated and complex scenarios involving mysterious genealogies, complicated mathematical computations, Levitical Feast calculations, even a recent analysis of constellations, star patterns, ‘blood moons’ and comet paths which are supposedly the "fearful signs in the sky."

They are said to spell out in code the message that the Great Tribulation is imminent.

These speculations will undoubtedly increase as the book sales soar.

Though these errors obscure legitimate Biblical truth, there are Real Signs of the end time according to the straightforward words of Jesus.

What Jesus Actually Said, below...

Though Jesus said we cannot know the day or hour of His return (how could He have been more clear on this much abused point?), He just as clearly said we are to know something about the onset of the end times. “But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads,,, because your redemption is drawing near.” Lk 21.28

Furthermore, the ability to read these signs would not be limited to those with special insight into complex celestial codes, temple feast and seasonal patterns, or chronology formulas. These are not the signs Jesus spoke of in the Bible! Quiet the contrary— Jesus told us that the signs of the times will be clear and obvious to any alert believer. (The "insight" mentioned in Dan 12:3 refers to "believing" the prophecies revealed in the Bible)

The gist of Mat 16:1-3, 24:32-33, and Luke 12:54-56 is that, just as we read the weather patterns or seasons of nature, in the same common sense way those who are “awake" in Christ can and ought to read the signs of the approaching return of Christ. Unbelievers, of course, can neither understand or accept these things. (1Cor 2.14; John 1.5; Rom 8.7) But the Bible prophesies of a generation of believers with 'insight" who will correctly discern the signs of the end (Dan 12.10;1 Thes 5.4), and will look with eagerness for the coming of Jesus. (1Cor 1.7). The Bible is clear on what these signs are.