"Live by God's Every Word"  Ma 4.4

Bible Prophecy AND the Headlines

—The “BREXIT” Vote— When the Headlines

seem to conflict with Bible Prophecy

For example, in a 2016 HEADLINE we read...

In shock vote, Britain votes to leave the European Union

Thursday, June 23, 2016 | Worthy News / World News

The voters of the United Kingdom spoke and, to the surprise of pundits and their elected officials, declared that they want out of the European Union.

In a historic nail-biter of a referendum, the nation voted to exit the 28-member EU bloc, a result widely seen to have been driven public fear of immigration that has surged in the nation during recent years...

Interpreting Prophecy--Will it be the Bible...?

'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every HeadXline word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'" Matthew 4:4

...or will it be the Headlines???

Brexit has come to pass. Great Britain has exited the European Union (EU). The European Union has every appearance of being at least the western leg of the Revived Roman Empire--that is, the outlines of the ancient Roman Empire to be revived in the form of 10 nations in the Last Days.  Historically and prophetically, England (Britain) is expected to be part of the Revived Roman Empire. But this week they left the EU. They checked out. By way of a nationwide popular referendum, the EU has lost one of its Pillar-members.

Where does that leave the Bible's predicted Revived Roman Empire? What does "Brexit" (British exit) mean in light of Bible Prophecy?

If the understanding and the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies were dependent on the Headlines, it would seem history has taken a wrong turn. And the prophesied Revived Roman Empire--a bedrock prop on the End Time world stage--has been denied its fulfillment.

But the Headlines do not frame our understanding of Bible Prophecy. The Headlines do not set the path and lead the way. The Headlines FOLLOW the prophetic path. The Headlines stumble blindly along, for they can only see the moment. But they always catch-up with and line-up with the fore-ordained fulfillment of prophesied events.
The history of modern Israel shows the up and down, for and against, here today, gone tomorrow flow of the Headlines. They often seemed to denounce any prophetic significance to the Bible prophecies of the Jewish return to the land of Israel. Yet the Headlines actually caught up--and lined up--with the prophecies of the Rebirth of the Nation of Israel.
The following graphic shows, through Israel's history, the fallacy of interpreting prophecy through the newspapers. (HERE for more on Israel's history)

The "Brexit" vote, which many are saying is a foretaste of a disintegrating European Union, can no more predict the fate of the prophesied Revived Roman Empire than did the anti-Jew/Israel Headlines of modern Jewish history. Again, note the YES/NO nature of the Headlines in European Union history below, just like that of Jewish/Israel history above, and the straight-shot of Bible Prophecy which cuts right to the "End Game" of Fulfillment. Our understanding, and teaching, of Bible Prophecy is based--not on the temporal Headlines, which we do not know--but on the "End Game", which we do know.

The history portrayed in the Headlines is a bumpy road of twists and turns. Breaking news is often here today, and gone tomorrow. Thus, the Headlines, which report the events, are an unreliable guide for interpreting Bible Prophecy.

The Headlines follow the path of world events, but world events follow the path of Bible Prophecy. Therefore the Headlines will lock-in at some point and always arrive at the pre-appointed destination of the prophetic path.

Let this remind us, as friends of Bible Prophecy, that the U-turn nature of wind blown back and forth events is not a problem for believers, for we know the End Game. We know what the outcome looks like. We know who presides over and guides the events of our world. And we know that the seeming confusion of bellowing Headlines will in God's time run a straight-line course to the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.