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The Shepherds of Babylon

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After its Final Destruction, Babylon of Chaldea will have no Shepherds or Sheep...

Nor will shepherds make their flocks lie down there.

Isaiah 13:20


(therefore, Babylon must Rise Again)


ABOVE: Shepherds at Babylon, 1914

 (the original photo-documentation below)

Date taken: March - April 1914  
Photographer: Gertrude Bell ["Queen Of The Desert"]
Location: Babylon - Iraq
Modern location: Babylon
Description: Babylon Shepherd children by Euphrates

ABOVE: Babylon Shepherd Boys and their Sheep, 1914

(the original photo-documentation below)
Album Y 1913-1914 - Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq
Date taken: March - April 1914  
Photographer: Gertrude Bell ["Queen Of The Desert"]
Location: Babylon - Iraq
Modern location: Babylon
Size: 17.3/11.3
Condition: Good
Subject date:  
Description: [Shepherd children beside Euphrates]

An Expert Eyewitness to Babylon's Shepherds

LEFT: Walter Andrae
Walter Andrae was an archaeologist, architect, and artist of exceptional observational skill to detail and relationship. He was the documenting associate of German archaeologist Robert Koldewey, whose outstanding work at scientifically unearthing the remains of Babylon (1898-1915) remains the authoritative source today.
Andrae was responsible for the detailed and accurate layout-sketches of the Koldewey-maps of Babylon. He used those same skills as an artist in depicting the next best thing to an actual photograph-- an eye for detail and accuracy in his paintings of Babylon. What one sees in the paintings and watercolors is what one would see if there in person at that time.
BELOW: With this in mind we see below what Andrae and others there at the time saw-- a Shepherd with his Sheep at Babylon. Note the growth of pasture land, and the mound of removed-dirt from the digs, with workers and/or visitors standing on top, in the background

ABOVE: Babylon widows and orphans-- with their SHEEP-- at Babylon in 2016. They certainly qualify as SHEPHERDS at Babylon.
Nor will shepherds make their flocks lie down there.Isaiah 13:20

Shepherds & sheep at Babylon TODAY

LEFT: More pictures of the widow and orphan Shepherds in the fields at Babylon.

They appear to be in the area of the pastures surrounding one of the several Arab towns that are located within the wider Babylon archaeological site.

(IRAQ--Babylon Widows And Orphans 2016)

More info on the Arabs At Babylon HERE...

Shepherds and their sheep were photographed by Gertrude Bell ("Queen Of The Desert") in her 1914 trip to visit the work of German archaeologist Robert Koldewey at Babylon. (see the photos at top of page). For more about this remarkable woman, her explorations and government work, and especially, for this study, her PHOTOGRAPHS of Babylon in 1914 (and even earlier) SEE HERE...

A few black tents and flocks of sheep and camels were scattered over the yellow plain. They belonged chiefly to the Zobeide, an ancient tribe, renowned in the history of the conquering Arabs under their first caliphs, and now pasturing their flocks in the wilds of Babylonia. 
Discoveries among the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, p. 390-91.
Author: Austen H. Layard

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