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When the headlines about ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq-Syria) appeared for the first time in 2014-16, the ISIS-map had the remarkable appearance of a prophecy about the "King of the North", based on the Bible, not the headlines. This prophecy is found in Daniel 11:40 and following. The Bible didn't change, or adjust its meaning--just the headlines. If the headlines disappear and recede into history (as is so often the case), the prophetic truths of Scripture continue onward toward there ultimate fulfillment. With that in mind, regarding the phenomenal rise of ISIS, I stated...,

Newsletter, Sep. 2016, Bible Prophecy As Written,
"If this is not the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy, another such event will bring it to pass in the exact same territory. "

Mid-America Prophecy Conference, Apr. 2016, presentation handout on "Eastern Leg",
"This is the boundary of the coming King of the North, The Assyrian. If this Iraq-Syria "State" is not the final "King of the North," then there will be another Iraq-Syria "State" just like it in the future."

Partner Letter June 2014

God and only God calls forth events before they happen. (Isa. 46:8-11) And it is the Word of God in Daniel, Micah, Revelation and other Biblical references which predicts the rise of Syria-Iraq in the Last Days.
That's what I documented in The Assyrian Connection—Biblical prophecies. Therefore, we look to God's Book, and no other book, as the basis of understanding today's events. Though the events in Syria-Iraq have not yet worked there way into full fruition, indeed...they do look very familiar.

Various Conferences 2014-16
When the real event stacks up to the North of Israel, it will look very much like it does Today.
(Statement on the Events North of Israel given at the Lake Charles Prophecy Conference in Sep. 2014; the Pre-Trib Prophecy Study Group in Dec. 2014; the Mid-America Prophecy Conference in Tulsa, April 14-16, 2016)

Today (2017), as ISIS control of Syria-Iraq recedes, another "King of the North" geo-pattern is arising,

There has arisen another "look-alike" to the King of the North--The Arc Of Influence Created By Iran

(CLICK HERE map, NBC News)


In all references below to Daniel 11:40, the "King of the North" TERRITORY refers to modern-day Syria-Iraq. This is supported by a number of experts in Bible prophecy,

And there is no question about the contextual meaning of Daniel 11:40, as Arnold Fruchtenbaum makes clear below,

"... in all previous references [in Daniel chapter 11], "the king of the north" is always Syria. ... "the king of the north" always refers to Syria throughout Daniel 11 ...Consistency demands that "the king of the north" of Daniel 40-45 also refers to Syria..."

Messianic-Jew Bible Scholar Arnold Fruchtenbaum, https://www.pre-trib.org/consistent-biblical-futurism/message/a-review-of-after-the-empire-by-mark-hitchcock/read

(Note: In the historic era of Daniel 11 of which Fruchtenbaum is speaking, Syria, or "Seleucia", included the territory of modern-day Syria-Iraq)