"Live by God's Every Word"  Ma 4.4

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You will be watching — in the Video(s) below — the literal words of the Bible (Mat 4:5) taught  "as written" (Mat 4:6).

Jesus Christ, Creator, Lord, & Savior is our focus. We have merged many pictures into "composite graphics" based on the messages of the Biblical theme of the lessons. These picto-graphs are your aid to better understand God's Word & the Bible Prophecies contained therein. Open your Bible as you watch & may you be Blessed! 

The 12-PART DANIEL series

— each subsequent part follows in 2-3 weeks

⦿      Part 1    https://youtu.be/H7zPOLwZMFc
⦿      Part 2    https://youtu.be/b7uGWl-C1Qw

⦿      Part 3    https://youtu.be/-fQHfsD5v3Y

⦿     Part 4   https://youtu.be/S62qLTDTSuY

⦿      Part 5   https://youtu.be/SRvIGrIOksA

⦿     Part 6   https://youtu.be/pxle_DRcKgM

⦿      Part 7  https://youtu.be/yWHKExHqbqU

⦿      Part 8  https://youtu.be/Pvg0xGeuPfo

⦿      Part 9  https://youtu.be/xcKqErOj0Sw  

⦿      Part 10 https://youtu.be/QMVvWRMvHLo

⦿      Part 11 https://youtu.be/BlhQiOqVbcw
⦿      Part 12 https://youtu.be/VFIL2KMDKNA

⦿  PLEASE NOTE: These programs were recorded several years ago. Therefore, even though some names, places and events in these programs may seem outdated, the Bible prophecy teaching remains True because the Bible is True and Unchanging. Therefore, these prophecies continue to advance on their path toward prophetic fulfillment—as surely as when first revealed in God's Word.


Is the statue of the "Winged Lion" , installed at the U. N. in Dec 2021, a valid Biblical-prophetic sign of the End Time?

And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea...his mouth like the mouth of a lion. (Rev 13:1-2)

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" Living in the DAYS of the 10 KINGS "

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Have a Blessed 2023 New Year in its true spirit with these videos.

Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision.

Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven...

there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries, and He has made known...

what will take place in the latter days. ... what would take place in the future;
Daniel 2:19; 28-29 
                A Prophecy emerging in our world TODAY!