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What Is Psalm 83's Relationship To Ezekiel 38 ?

Statement given at Various Conferences 2014-16
Today, Russia and Iran have created a power hegemony encompassing Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah-Lebanon, centered in Syria, directly to the North of Israel. None of the prerequisites for the Magog invasion of Ezekiel 38:1-8 are missing. When the real event stacks up to the North of Israel, it will look very much like it does Today.
(Statement on the Events North of Israel given at the Lake Charles Prophecy Conference in Sep. 2014 and the Pre-Trib Prophecy Study Group in Dec. 2014, and the Mid-America Prophecy Conference in Tulsa, April 14-16, 2016)

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The whole question of when the Psalm 83 prophecy will occur can be determined by,

1. Parallel Biblical passages which foretell of the Psalm 83 event.

2. The identity of the phrase "many peoples with you" in Ezekiel 38.

3. Identifying the time period when Israel will be "living securely."

These 3 issues are the subject of the following article.