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How Lot, Samson and Solomon were saved

                                                        by The FINISHED GOSPEL

ABOVE CHART: How Lot, Samson and Solomon were saved by The FINISHED GOSPEL (#1, #2, and #3 below correspond to the chart numbers above)

#1 above Move their salvation to the left of "Christs' Finish Line". This is done by Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, by Grace Alone — No Works allowed — the only possible way of salvation. "Christs' Finish Line" is the sole proof of their salvation.  Salvation finished, instantaneous, irreversible, "once for all".

#2 above Salvation (justification) was finished in #1. Here in #2 are sanctification Works (fruits). The 7-Points of Lordship Salvation are actually more Biblically stated as Works of Discipleship. These were only possible when they walked by the Holy Spirit in their new nature, as "children of light", and not by their old nature, as "children of darkness". Their Works determine the maturity of their discipleship and fellowship with their Savior. This is Who You Are (new nature)...Now Walk Like It (Eph. 5:8).

#3 above Here their own "Finish Line" concluded their Works of "gold and silver, or wood and stubble" in their race through life (#2 )which began when they became a Child of God (#1). Their Works (fruits) are the basis for the Heavenly Bema Seat Judgment determining their position in their Father's Kingdom. They have had eternal life, with no condemnation, since the instantaneous, irreversible, "once for all" FINISHED GOSPEL of #1 above.38

SEE "Peter: The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak"