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Saints Rescued at End of Tribulation -- HOW?   See also...

The CONCLUSION we reached in our study of "Daily Life Cut Short"...

Both Luke 17:24-37 and Revelation chapter 18 prophesy of these "life-as-usual" events, continuing during the Tribulation in some places until they are climactically CUT SHORT on a single day at the End of the Tribulation. So..........


Both Luke 17:34 and Revelation 18:4 show a Divine Rescue of Believers when God's wrath falls upon the whole earth at the End of the Tribulation. But how does this happen? How does God rescue Believers as He rescued Noah and Lot? The Bible provides significant insight into the "HOW ?" of this Divine Rescue at the End of the Tribulation.

1. First, God calls to "my people" to leave Babylon just before its Final Fall (Rev 18:4). The call to "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues" PRESUPPOSES that they will be taken to a place of refuge to avoid those very "plagues" that God is speaking about--plagues which level ALL of the cities of the entire world (Rev. 16:19). Why else would God give such a command if He provided no safety?  Otherwise, these people who exit Babylon would simply venture into another plague-saturated area since the Bowl plagues are global.

2. There is Biblical precedent for protected refuge areas from God's (or even Satan's) wrath.    

            1. When the 10 Plagues saturated the Land of Egypt at the time of the Exodus, God turned the Land of Goshen in lower Egypt where the Israelites lived into a Divine-refuge area. Exo. 8:22

            2. When the baby Jesus was targeted by King Herod to be killed, God directed Joseph and Mary to take their Christ-child to the safety of Egypt. Mat. 2:13-21

            3. Jesus fore-directed the Jews to  "flee to the mountains" (which believing Jews did) when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Luke 21:21-23

            4. Jesus gives a similar command to future Tribulation Jews living in Israel, directing them to the "mountains" as a Divine-safety-zone. Mat. 24:16-21

            5. Both Daniel 11:41 and Revelation 12:4,14 support the understanding that the Tribulation Divine-refuge area for the Jews will be in the land of Edom, Moab and Ammon (modern Jordan-Petra)--Divinely prepared and set apart as a land of  safety during that time.

            6. During the "time of the indignation" (a term for the Great Tribulation) God cautions His people to "enter into your rooms...close your doors...Hide for a little while until the indignation runs its course." Isa. 26:20

            7. During the Tribulation God calls upon His people to seek His righteousness, adding "Perhaps you will be hidden [from danger] in the day of the Lord's anger (the Day of the Lord/Tribulation)." Zep. 2:3

3. What we learn from these Bible references is that God LEADS His people to SAFETY, and He PROVIDES a place of REFUGE.

That is what God did for Noah and Lot (Gen. 7:1,13-16; 19:12-22; Luke 17:26-30). As Peter tells us regarding Noah and Lot,"the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from [trials]..." 2 Peter 2:4-9
That is what God does for those Believers living in Babylon before He sends His heavenly missiles to destroy Babylon--and her EATING AND DRINKING, BUYING AND SELLING, MARRYING AND GIVING IN MARRIAGE, PLANTING AND BUILDING-- forever.