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What some reputable Bible scholars say
about "Babylon Rebuilt."  

What some reputable Bible scholars say about "Babylon Rebuilt."
Arnold Fruchtenbaum
...Babylon is to be rebuilt and become the Antichrist’s world-wide political and economic capital of the world.         

Arnold Fruchtenbaum, The Footsteps of the Messiah, Ariel Ministries Press, 1983, p. 192.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum
...these prophecies of the destruction of Babylon have never been fulfilled in the manner required by the statements of Scripture. The Babylon of past history slowly died out and became a ghost town. Furthermore, this destruction of Babylon is clearly associated with the final regeneration and restoration of Israel. Such events never did happen in connection with ancient Babylon...This in turn requires the city of Babylon to be rebuilt.
Arnold Fruchtenbaum, The Footsteps of the Messiah, Ariel Ministries Press, 1983, p. 226-27.

David Reagan
 [there is] “a strong biblical basis for [a literal] Babylon” [in Revelation 18.]
David Reagan, Wrath And Glory, Lamb & Lion Ministries, McKinney, TX, p. 171. (Reagan, though, doesn't accept a literal, rebuilt Babylon)

Thomas Ice and Timothy Demy
In the Bible, “east” refers to the region of Mesopotamia (Assyria and Babylon), and the drying up of the river will make it easier for the forces of Antichrist to assemble out of Babylon, which is his capital.  
Thomas Ice and Timothy Demy, Prophecy Watch, Harvest House, 1998, p. 188.

Andy Woods

In the coming tribulation period, the antichrist will rule the entire world from his headquarters located in the literal, rebuilt city of Babylon on the Euphrates River found in modern day Iraq...numerous Christians throughout church history embraced this view...
Sadly, many reject this view. Why? Unbelief and timing are the two primary reasons that cause interpreters to reject the literal Babylon view....Prior to 1948, Bible students faced a similar dilemma regarding how to interpret the plethora of prophecies requiring a Jewish return to their ancient homeland. However, the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 vindicated those who insisted upon a literal interpretation. Those that insist upon literally construing the prophecies regarding Babylon will one day be similarly vindicated.

Babylon of the End Times, Andy Woods Ministries, PDF, (p 1,17-18); http://www.spiritandtruth.org/teaching/documents/articles/115/115.pdf?x=x

Grant Jeffrey
The antichrist will take the title “king of Babylon” (Isa. 14:4) indicating his close connection with the wicked Babylonian empire during the tribulation….Modern-day Iraq occupies the location of ancient Babylon.   
Grant Jeffrey, Prophecy Marked Reference Study Bible, Zondervan, 1998, p.1473.

Clarence Larkin
“...the city of Babylon will be rebuilt almost in a night and on a scale of magnificence such as the world has never seen.”
Clarence Larkin, Dispensational Truth. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Rev. Clarence Larkin Est., 1920, p.143.

Charles Dyer
“I can find no time in history when it can be said conclusively that Babylon ceased to exist. Her population has risen and fallen through the ages, but there has never been a time when the city has been completely abandoned... Babylon’s fortunes have declined, but the city has never been destroyed.”
Charles Dyer, The Rise of Babylon. Wheaton, Illinois: Tyndale House, 1991, p.130-131.

Mark Hitchcock
“...Babylon, the literal city on the  Euphrates in modern-day Iraq, will be rebuilt in the last days.”
Mark Hitchcock, The Complete Book Of Bible Prophecy, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL, 1999,  p.97.

Arthur W. Pink (“the classic work on the end times” -Dictionary of Premillennial Theology )
"If the reader still insists that the Babylon of Rev. 17 and 18 is the ultimate development of the Papacy as it envelopes apostate Christendom, it is useless to discuss the subject any farther. But we believe that the great majority of our readers — who have no traditions to uphold — will be satisfied that the Babylon of the Apocalypse is the Babylon of Old Testament prophecy, namely, a literal, re-built city in “the land of Nimrod” (Micah 5:6, [ i.e. ASSYRIA] )..."
Arthur W. Pink, The Antichrist, I. C. Herendeen, Bible Truth Depot, Swengel, PA, p.153.

John Phillips
“One of the titles the Antichrist will wear is “king of the north,” ...In the context of Daniel 11, the “king of the north” is always Syria; ... the Antichrist himself will probably be at Babylon, his new world capital.
John Phillips, Exploring The Future, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1983, p.54.

Joseph A. Seiss (in 1900 predicted the Rebirth of Israel, & predicted a Rebuilt Babylon)
" I conclude, then, that such a great commercial city, different from all that now exist, will yet be, and that it will be old Babylon rebuilt.”
Joseph A. Seiss, The Apocalypse, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI, 1900, 1983, p.403.

William Newel. Newell (in 1935 predicted the Rebirth of Israel, & predicted a Rebuilt Babylon)
" The final form of Babylon is the literal city on the Euphrates, rebuilt as Antichrist’s capital of the last days, opposing Israel as God’s earthly people.”
William R. Newell, Revelation, A Complete Commentary, World Bible Publishers, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 1935, 1987, p.272.

Henry M. Morris
"Even at the time John was writing [Revelation, 95 AD], Babylon was still a viable city...At the very least, it would be confusing to John's first century readers, as well as to later generations, for him to write so much about Babylon when he really meant Rome (Paul was not afraid to speak directly about Rome in his writings, so why should John be?)... Whatever may prove to be the exact sequence of events, Babylon will surely be rebuilt."
Henry Morris, The Revelation Record, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL, 1983, p.323, 349.
("The best commentary I have ever read on the Book of Revelation is one called The Revelation Record by Dr. Henry Morris."
David Reagan, Wrath And Glory, New Leaf Press, Green Forest, AR, 2001, p.31.)

Paul Lee Tan
"Babylon was never destroyed—it only declined…[it] always had at least some inhabitants. The prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah relative to its destruction have yet to be fulfilled...We may interpret these prophecies under the hermeneutical principle of Double Reference...Babylon will be built up to be a world commercial and political center.
Paul Lee Tan, A Pictorial Guide To Bible Prophecy, Bible Communications,  Inc., Dallas, TX, 1991, p.137, 140.