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Why America is NOT Babylon

1. America is not the Mother of Harlots ("Harlots" preceded America; Isa. 1:21; 23:17; Eze. 23:17; Hos. 9:1; Nah. 2:4; these same Biblical "Harlots", of course, also preceded Islam, Catholicism, etc.-- all of the "harlots" of the Bible and throughout history are Daughter-"harlots", NOT the "Mother of Harlots").

  "previous commentaries on Revelation take...this great city, Babylon...to be Rome, or New York, or some other city, but not Babylon. What is the explanation for this reluctance to believe that John meant Babylon when he wrote 'Babylon'?"...to say that spiritual Babylon is either Rome or the Roman Catholic Church is to grossly underestimate the age long global impact of this great mystery, Babylon the Great. Babylon is the mother of all the harlots and abominations of the earth."
Henry Morris, The Revelation Record, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL, 1983, p.323, 332.  

  America in many ways has religious-"harlotry" in it. America could even become the GREATEST harlot-nation on the planet, but it would still be one of many 'Daughter'-harlots --not THE Mother of harlots-- anymore than the the "many antichrists" are THE Antichrist (1 John 2:18).

Just as Eve is "the mother of all the living [entire human race]", so too is Babylon the "mother of the harlots" (DBY) [entire history of religious-"harlots"]. (Gen 3:20)

2. America is not “the great city” (America is neither a "city," nor responsible for the death of Christians, Rev. 18:21 & 24)

3. America is not located on the Euphrates (Jer. 51:63)

4. America is not the “land of the Chaldeans (Jer. 50:1)

5. Americans are not “Chaldeans” (Jer. 50:35)