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Dr. Charles L. "Pastor" Pack

"Rebuilding Of Babylon

(& the Mideast Nations)"

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A MESSAGE FROM CLASSIC BIBLE PROPHECY TEACHERS & SCHOLARS made available to our Ministry Partners. Walvoord, LaHaye, Missler, Jeffrey, Hindson, Hunt, Reagan, Price, Levitt, Ice, etc., etc....Do you recognized these names? These great Bible Prophecy Teachers, and many more with their video messages from 23 years of annual prophecy conferences in Tulsa will be provided periodicaly by video-link free to Partners of Bible Prophecy As Written Ministries. Please read the message below first...       

        1. The Bible is True and Unchanging.   

        2. Though Current Events may "come and go", the historical Trendlines continue onward toward prophetic fulfillment.   

        3. Therefore, even though some names, places and events in these videos may have "come and gone", and seem outdated, the Bible prophecy in these videos remains True and Unchanging as they advance on the path toward prophetic fulfillment—as surely as when first revealed in God's Word.   

        4. Keep this in mind as you view these Bible-centered messages from the very best Bible Prophecy scholars and teachers of our generation.   

        5. Some practical considerations: These videos are largely unedited, "filmed live" at the time. There may be some visual or audio "rough" spots (but very few, if any). Please do not share the links of these copyrighted videos. They are reserved for the Glory of God to edify, encourage, and embolden the witness of our Partners. Thank you so much! (1 Pet 3:15)

Introduction to THIS VIDEO

At the 2001 Tulsa Prophecy Conference the great Prophecy teacher and television evangelist Dr. Charles L. Pack delivered this message on the Rebuilding Of Babylon.

"Pastor" Pack, as he was known in his nationwide television program called "Thy Kingdom Come", had visited Babylon twice. He was 83 when he delivered this powerful message.

It was my great blessing and privilege to have served as his partner in active ministry and co-host of the television program in these latter years of his ministry. I know first-hand of his careful and devoted focus on God's Word.

CLICK HERE, Pastor Pack, Rebuilding Of Babylon

After you have heard Dr. Pack's message on Babylon, join me for a further "web page" look at the prophecies of the Rebuilding of Babylon— comprehensive, thoroughly researched and documented. We will explore the case for an actual...yes, Revival, an...

        "Overnight Revival" of Babylon...HERE...
...have your Bible open, both for Dr. Pack's Video, and for my continued study of Babylon, presented with great graphics to enhance clarity and aid understanding.

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