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2023 You Tube Videos & Conference Report

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Conference REPORT 2023... and VIDEOS

Report for the 2023 Annual Mid-America Prophecy Conference is now completed, further below...but first the Videos.

All Videos have been uploaded below ...just click on the links.

        1. All content of each presentation is preserved in the Videos.

        2. Technical difficulties may have muted the view to some degree; this amounts to occasional blurring in a few places. Again, the content is not effected.

        3. Here is the Conference Schedule, followed by the Videos.


PHILLIP GOODMAN               THE WINDS OF CHANGE—& the God Who Does Not Change

JOBE MARTIN                          The Storms of Life, An Unchanging God, Faith Over Fear

J. B. HIXSON                            The Great Satanic Reset: A New World and an Old Enemy

CHARLIE BING                        Revealing Jesus through the Ages

ANDY WOODS                        How Did Daniel Warn Us About the Coming Tribulation?

THOMAS ICE                           Israel in God’s Prophetic Plan

J. B. HIXSON                            Transhumanism: Creating God in the Image of Man

CHARLIE BING                        It’s Never too Late!: Lessons from the Thief on the Cross

ANDY WOODS                        Setting the Stage for the Coming Storm

LAURA PERRY SMALTS          Transgender to Transformed in Jesus

JOBE MARTIN                          A Challenge During Prophetically Significant Times

THOMAS ICE                           The End-Time Apostasy of the Church


Goal — To Glorify God by lifting up Jesus Christ & His Gospel...Center Stage... in the midst of warm fellowship, and in the context of the straightforward, written words of the Bible.

This is in line with the title of this ministry which is      "Bible Prophecy As Written", i.e., "live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4)

What can we say? God blesses this Conference every year!

    Our deepest appreciation to Dan for his excellent donation of time & effort on volunteer video work.

Conference Report & Videos
Theme —

"WINDS OF CHANGE & the God Who Does Not Change

"...the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great sea...of nations who rush on like

the rumbling of mighty waters...of many peoples who roar like the roaring of the seas...

But He will rebuke them...For I, the LORD, do not change..."  (Dan 7:2; Isa 17:12-13; Mal 3:6)

Every speaker spoke of the rapid increase & convergence of End Time Signs today, reflecting the "WINDS OF CHANGE" & The God Who Does Not Change"— its impact on our world & our lives TODAY, & the Hope of the Soon Coming of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ it PROMISES !!!!


Panorama view

Registration— counting on-site & walk-ins & Free Pass, about 250
Attendance — consistently 120-175

This Conference reflected a new pattern begun with the 2021 Conference; in past conferences we would generally see fluctuations in attendance from morning to afternoon to evening, with some sessions being noticeably higher or lower in attendance.

This Conference (& 2021-22) was consistent throughout, with high attendance regardless of the time of day or particular speaker.

The Christian fellowship, as always, was striking!


All sessions viewed here ...

PHILLIP GOODMAN                 INTRODUCTION: Is America a Christian Nation & Russia-Ukraine    (HERE for Web Presentation

                                                            ( in the above video, this correction— twice: "land of Magog", Eze 38:20 should be Eze 38:2 )

J.B. HIXSON                               Whose Fingerprints are on the Founding of America

WILLIAM FEDERER                   6000 Years of World History and America

JOBE MARTIN                           Creation Science is Foundational to the Christian Worldview

DAYMOND DUCK                    Globalism and the Decline of America

DAYMOND DUCK                    Russia, Ukraine and Current Events

J.B. HIXSON                              Russia Ukraine and the New World Order

JOBE MARTIN                            Isaiah 40 Don't Lose Your Perspective


WILLIAM FEDERER                   Socialism & How the Deep State Capitalizes on Crisis to Consolidate Control