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But [Jesus] answered and said, "It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'"  Matthew 4:4

Bible Prophecy in the Headlines

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq-Syria) Fading in The HEADLINES...
BUT the PROPHECY of the

"If this [ISIS] Iraq-Syria 'State' is not the final 'King of the North,' then there will be another Iraq-Syria 'State' just like it in the future."

1. That is the statement I made at the 2016 Mid-America Prophecy Conference when ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq-Syria) was at its peak. In my presentation--verbal, power-point, written handout, and posted on the web page--I stated what I have always stated,
"This [Syria-Iraq] is the boundaries of the coming King of the North, The Assyrian. If this Iraq-Syria "State" is not the final "King of the North," then there will be another Iraq-Syria "State" just like it in the future."
2. I gave a similar caution in the Bible Prophecy As Written Newsletter in August, 2014,
"The Islamic State Of Iraq-Syria (ISIS), a terrorist army, has created a borderless-State (Islamic State, caliphate) across two nations: Syria & Iraq.
In 1992 I documented [in The Assyrian Connection] the Bible prophecies about the unification of end-time Syria-Iraq...(essentially the boundaries of ancient Assyria)... As predicted in the Bible (map 1 below), the “king of the North” (Dan. 11:40) will occupy Syria-Iraq in the Last Days. As seen on map 2 below, the same kind of scenario is happening today [with ISIS, 2014].

If this is not the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy, another such event will bring it to pass in the exact same territory."
                                              Bible Prophecy As Written Newsletter, Aug. 2014, p. 1.

3. And again, in that same issue on p.6 another caution regarding Headline-guided Prophecy--the importance of distinguishing between "foreshadow" and fulfillment.

"From verse 36 to the end of chapter 11 (and the end of the age), Daniel foresees the ascendancy of Syria-Iraq (“King of the North”) “at the end time.” (v. 36 & 40; Today’s events are a FORESHADOW, not the reality)"   [bold in original]

Bible Prophecy ALWAYS "trumps"
the ebb-and-flow of the Headlines

4. The primary point in these three quotations is that Bible Prophecy always "trumps" the headlines, no matter how convincing they may be. Bible prophecy predicts the end-day rise of the "King of the North" located in a realm generally parallel with the territory of modern Syria-Iraq. Today, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq-Syria) is fading from that territory. But the Bible Prophecy of an end-time "King of Iraq-Syria (the North)" remains steadfast. The prophecy does not alter with the ebb-and-flow of current events. And there is no question about the contextual meaning of Daniel 11:40, as Arnold Fruchtenbaum makes clear below,
"... in all previous references [in Daniel chapter 11], "the king of the north" is always Syria. ... "the king of the north" always refers to Syria throughout Daniel 11 ...Consistency demands that "the king of the north" of Daniel 40-45 also refers to Syria..."
Messianic-Jew Bible Scholar Arnold Fruchtenbaum,

(Note: In the historic era of Daniel 11, Syria, or "Seleucia", included the territory of modern-day Syria-Iraq)

BELOW: The rise of the Syria-Iraq "State" (Assyria) as the "King of the North", one of the "Four Horns", in the Last Days. (Daniel 8:22-23; 11:40)
In summary, then, setting the headlines aside, and keeping our focus on the Bible, expect the "King of the North" to arise in the modern-day area of Syria-Iraq, just like ISIS did for a short season. Iran in 2017 created a "Cresent Security Arc", also referred to as Iran's "Arc Of Influence", to fill the vacuum left by the reduction of ISIS in the territories of Syria-Iraq. Like all headlines (see maps below), this one may also be "blowing in the wind", but that doesn't discount the fact that the Syria-Iraq "King of the North" configuration will arise as prophesied with those same approximate boundaries.

And, yes, the "King of the North" territorial domain is an event set during the Tribulation period. But the Tribulation stage requires a preliminary stage-setting, so we expect to see the Syria-Iraq region arise according to the Daniel 11 formation sometime prior to the Tribulation itself.

We don't want to "knee-jerk" with the pen and ink every time a news item comes along (which is the way-too-often habit of way-too-many prophecy web sites these days). But we must remember that the "on & off" headlines about the Jews returning to their ancient ancestral Homeland blew every which way for over a half century before the rock-solid Bible Prophecy of the physical restoration of Israel entered fulfillment stage in the 1948 rebirth of the State Of Israel. The Headlines do not lead--rather they follow--Bible Prophecy!

BELOW: Two news maps showing Iran's "Arc Of Influence" and the continued prominence of the Syria-Iraq territory of the future "King of the North."